The Forgotten Victims of the Anti-Trafficking Movement: Those Who Commit Crimes

By: James Dold  The 2019 U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child noted that children can become victims of several human rights violations, including being used in hostilities, trafficking, sexual exploitation, child marriage, or being used to transport or sell drugs. The U.S. anti-trafficking apparatus, however, has yet to name what is screaming out to us through the laws and facts of these cases. Those

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Fair Trade Month and Labor Trafficking

What is Fair Trade? Fair Trade. You might have seen this label stamped on coffee grounds, or stuck to a bushel of bananas. But what exactly does Fair Trade mean, and why is it so important that there’s an entire month dedicated to it? According to Fair Trade Certified: “When you see a product with

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Juneteenth 2021 and Human Trafficking

Juneteenth this year is on Saturday, June 19th and it is a critical time for the United States to take stock of not just Black lives, but also the forms of human oppression that are still encountered in our society. The historical markers that the end of slavery represent in the US are not just part

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The Coercive Side of COVID-19: How the Crumbling Economy and Changed Labor Market Have Catalyzed Labor Trafficking

Among the side effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic is economic distress. As of June 2020, it was estimated that by the time the pandemic ends, an estimated 195 million full-time jobs will have been eliminated. What does this mean? Well, in the least, according to the World Bank’s recent prediction, some 70 million people worldwide will

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