Healing from Trauma Online Gallery

A way for survivors of labor trafficking to express and share their process of moving through trauma.

It is imperative that service providers be equipped to recognize and respond to the trauma associated with labor trafficking to support survivors as they name and engage in healing from that trauma.  To encourage understanding of the needs, experiences, and humanity of labor trafficking survivors we are inviting survivors to submit visual representations of trauma and their journey toward healing. We hope that through this awareness-building gallery, we can help providers and survivors better understand experiences and the resources available following labor trafficking.

From January through March 2022, this online gallery will exhibit how survivors of labor trafficking have healed, processed, and expressed themselves while exploring, understanding, and moving through their traumatic experiences.  Each person’s experience is different, and we want to make space for all survivor expressions. Pieces can be anything—drawings, poems, recorded songs, podcasts, photography, or even representations of your process, community, or healing hobby. For example, you could submit a drawing representing hunger, a recipe, a photo of your favorite meal, or a video of you cooking with your loved one(s).

Submission Form

This installation is meant for those who have experienced labor trafficking. Labor trafficking is any sort of forced, fraudulent, pressured, expected, compelled, or coerced work, chores, or job where the person is made to feel they cannot quit or walk away from the job without risk of physical or mental harm to themselves or loved ones. Labor trafficking can happen in formal, informal, legal, and illicit industries. Submitted pieces will be placed on the Framework website. Artists will retain all rights to their pieces and can request their submission be edited or taken down at any time.

Healing from Trauma Online Gallery
If your piece includes identifiable representations of a person, or people, do you have explicit consent to share publicly?
Names, descriptions, and titles are not required, and aliases are allowed. Each of the following questions is optional.
Word Count (max: 300 words or approx. 1500 characters)
Would you like to be contacted for future opportunities with this gallery? If so, please share your phone number or email.
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB

If your representation is too large for this submission form, please complete the form and then share via GoogleDrive with Framework.TechnicalAssistance@gmail.com. Please share editing and download abilities so we are able to upload it onto the website.

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