Healing from Trauma Online Gallery
A way for survivors of labor trafficking to express and share their process of moving through trauma.

Survivors of labor trafficking experience trauma that is often overlooked and misunderstood. This gallery was created to encourage the understanding of the needs, experiences, and humanity of survivors. This gallery showcases how survivors have healed, processed, and expressed themselves while exploring, understanding, and moving through their traumatic experiences. Pieces range from self-narratives, graphic design, poems, photography, woven art, paintings, and an autobiography. Representations depict survivors' realizations, communities, and healing hobbies. As you look at each piece and read its description, consider the survivor's experience in the context of their life, and consider how better understanding their journey toward healing can make you a better ally.

To all the survivors viewing this gallery, we hope this serves as a reminder that you are not alone. We hope you find strength and inspiration as you see how others have moved toward healing.

Framework acknowledges that one piece of someone's healing journey may feel triggering for others. Each piece is a survivor's expression of their process and is not meant to be a guide for how others should understand, explore, or heal. All artists are self-identified as having lived experience with labor trafficking. If individuals are represented or named, they are done so with consent. Framework offers that all work may be submitted without title or name.