Increasing Identification Through Outreach – Anna’s Story

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Ensuring that outreach methods are representative and client-focused will be the difference between survivors of labor trafficking connecting with or walking past our materials. Hear from survivors on their ideas on creating tailored outreach campaigns here.

Follow-up Questions: 

  • What red-flags did you identify in Anna’s experience?
    • Working more hours and days than is legal
    • Illegal deductions from pay such as breaks, sick time, and safety equipment
    • Rumors of bad things happening to people who quit/didn’t pay their debt
    • Mentions of owing a debt 
  • What were some of the barriers to Anna’s self-identification?
    • Portrayal of human trafficking survivors being disproportionately white is a common in outreach. 
    • Representations of excessive force such as chains
    • Use of words without examples 
    • No understanding that labor trafficking victims may still be paid

Topic(s): Outreach, Service Delivery, Survivor Experiences
Resource Type: Educational Video
Date: October 15, 2020
Language(s): English
Author(s): Framework