Survivor Perspectives: Increasing Identification Through Labor Trafficking Outreach

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This panel discussion highlighting survivor perspectives explores experiences and insights relevant to trauma-informed and effective labor trafficking outreach. Learn about tailoring content and responsible representation, assessing agency readiness, and considerations for partnering with survivors, among other topics. Viewers will gain practical tips to connect with people experiencing labor trafficking in their communities.

Speakers: Bella Hounakey, Buki Domingos, Evans Breus, and Julissa Ponce

Facilitated by: Charlee Borg, Framework’s Program Officer for Training and Administration

Framework promotes person-centered and trauma-informed practices. All Subject Matter Expert consultants (SMEs) with lived labor trafficking experience are compensated, have the option of anonymity, are recognized for their expertise beyond their trafficking experience, and have total control over whether and how to share their story.

For viewing ease, timestamps below indicate sections or questions.

0:00 Introduction to Framework and platform

3:40 Insight into panelist’s interactions with outreach during their trafficking experience

5:44 Introduction to panelists

9:17 Do you feel there were missed opportunities for providers to connect with you during your trafficking experience?

18:35 What should providers know about trafficker misinformation and control techniques and help speak to barriers in connection and keep resources within reach of survivors?

26:17 How do you feel providers could do a better job of connecting to survivors and their communities?

47:27 What was it like for you when you realized that you were experiencing labor trafficking and what can service providers do to ensure that self-identification or lack-thereof isn’t a barrier to gaining support?

Audience Q&A

1:04:57 Within the healthcare field how can providers be more proactive in assessing for labor trafficking?

1:09:40 What are recommendations for connecting with migrant workers during COVID-19?

1:12:05 With outreach in relation to building partnerships how have you created relationships with business owners to gain access to workers?

1:17:28 What venues/locations did you have contact with people during your trafficking experience?

1:25:13 How can we better identify potential victims of labor trafficking?

What happens when we do not tailor our outreach? Watch Anna’s story here.

Topic(s): Outreach, Service Delivery, Survivor Experiences
Resource Type: Event Recording
Date: October 5, 2020
Language(s): English
Author(s): Framework