The Ties That Bind Us: A Survivor-Led Discussion on Trauma Bonding

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Hear survivors of labor trafficking discuss what traumatic bonding is and what it was like for them in the human trafficking context in which they experienced it. A central part of the discussion will focus on why trauma bonds are such a powerful tool for traffickers and why victims often feel they have no choice but to acquiesce to the demands of those exploiting them. The panel will prominently feature a discussion of the circumstances that make individuals particularly vulnerable to trauma bonding, indicators of traumatic bonding, and what can be done to prevent people from becoming victims.

Featuring James Dold ,Bella Hounakey, Syed Rayhan Ahmed and Julissa Ponce

Review the Event Takeaways Sheet here.

Topic(s): Survivor Experiences
Resource Type: Event Recording
Date: August 1, 2022