Survivor Perspectives: Labor Trafficking Service Needs

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In this 90 minute video, you will hear from labor trafficking survivor panelists on experiences, missteps, and opportunities with service providers and provide insight on how professionals can better meet the needs of survivors.

This event featured Patty Bennett, Kwami Adoboe-Herrera, and Jaimee Johnson. Patty is an empowerment coach, award-winning entrepreneur, international motivational speaker, and Founder & CEO of Kardia Connection. Kwami is an anti-trafficking advocate, consultant, and speaker, and was featured in the documentary Break the Chain. Jaimee is a lived experience expert, advocate, and Founder & CEO of Sisters of the Streets.

00:05 – Introduction of panelists

02:05 – Learning objectives

02:37 – Engagement approaches for service providers

07:55 – Applications of trauma-informed care

14:01 – How to navigate survivor experience and avoid re-traumatization

19:48 – Understanding trauma and using strengths-based approach

23:06 – Harm of labels and barriers for survivors

36:01 – List of tangible and intangible needs of labor trafficking survivors

36:27 – Example of experience with service providers (Patty)

40:42 – Example of experience with service providers (Kwami)

45:40 – Understanding an individual survivor and their own personal experience and needs

51:36 – Personal journey towards healing (Patty) and importance of seeing and hearing survivors

53:38 – Personal journey towards healing (Kwami)

58:09 – Healing within communities (Jaimee)


01:05:10 – For anti-trafficking programs that have no human trafficking survivors on staff (and no things like board seats available), how can they do more to encourage program decision-makers to correct that gap?

01:12:44 – Can you suggest traits or things that have helped between hand-offs with case managers?

01:22:01 – What are ways that those with lived experience would like to engage with service organizations?


Review the Event Takeaways Sheet here.

Topic(s): Service Delivery, Survivor Experiences
Resource Type: Event Recording
Date: September 14, 2021