Red Flag Practice – Ximena’s Story

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This is the recruitment experience of Ximena. In this case study, a trafficker targets a young woman’s financial need and dedication to her family. Use this case study activity to practice naming possible identifiers of human trafficking recruitment. Increasing awareness of these red flags helps providers better identify and serve labor trafficking—including by empowering clients with information to protect themselves against exploitation.

What red flags were present in this story?

  • Little information on job or position
  • Trafficker manipulated Ximena’s circumstances of financial need
  • Information and contract were not provided in the language of the applicant
  • Recruiter “told” applicant what contract and agreements said
  • The applicant would have to pay back travel and living expenses upon arrival to new job and country (indentured servitude)


  • You have the right to see the contract in your language
  • You have the right to leave or end a job at any time
  • You have the right to be paid the amount originally promised
  • Depending on your role, you likely have a right to minimum wage and overtime
  • Employers cannot withhold wages
  • Employers cannot make unlawful deductions

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Topic(s): Learning Basics, Survivor Experiences
Resource Type: Educational Video
Date: October 16, 2020
Language(s): English
Author(s): Framework