Preparing for Employment: Labor Trafficking Service Delivery

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In this 90-minute training conducted by Carolyn Ouya, a Senior Training & Technical Assistance Specialist at FUTURES Workplace & Economics, you will gain knowledge of survivor post-trafficking employment needs. Topics will include barriers to employment connection, prioritizing survivor goals, employment readiness conversations, and elements of employment success. This training is meant for anti-trafficking service providers who are serving clients but have little knowledge of the particular barriers labor trafficking survivors face and how to help set them up for long-term success in the workplace.

1:33 – Learning Objectives

3:37 – What are your current employment or work readiness practices?

6:40 – Look at what the impact of violence and trauma is on access to education and employment opportunities.

7:31 – Employment challenges for labor trafficking survivors.

8:33 -Impacts of violence and trauma on education and training.

11:30 – Impact on employment

12:27 – What can Unemployment prep look like

17:11 – Survival Brain vs Learning Brain

18:36 – Video on Survival vs Learning Brain

19:29 – How Survival Brain shows up in Employment Support

21:06 – Trauma-informed Work Readiness

22:09 – Understanding Employability Skills

24:34 – Online Work Readiness Assessment explanation

26:07 – Current state of what vocational preparation looks like

27:43 – What do you think would make current work readiness training trauma-informed?

30:17 – Trauma-informed Work Readiness

32:58 – The components of a trauma-informed work readiness program

34:10 – Best Practices

35:20 – How to leverage resources and services

40:02 – How Futures can help you

41:38 – Q&A

Review the Event Takeaways Sheet here.

Topic(s): Learning Basics, Service Delivery
Resource Type: Event Recording
Date: March 31, 2022