Labor Trafficking Service Delivery: Screening and Interviewing

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In this training, Cristobal Perez provides in-depth knowledge of labor trafficking screening and interviewing procedures. Topics will include understanding the purpose of screening for trafficking, a review of existing screening tools, best practices, legal considerations, and common pitfalls. For further videos in our “Labor Trafficking Service Delivery” series, visit our resource library. 

1:06 – Introduction of panelist

3:07 – Learning objectives

4:02 – Poll: Are you currently using a screening tool that accounts for labor trafficking?

5:23 – Poll: What is important to you or your agency when reviewing a screening tool?

6:43 – Understanding of screening vs. assessment

10:00 – Why screening is important in a labor trafficking case

13:37 – Pre-screening considerations

17:54 – Considerations for a screening tool

20:00 – Examples of screening tools and methods

23:12 – Emergency intake questions

30:01 – Impacts of screening location

31:17 – Screening considerations

34:10 – Screening steps to consider

39:22 – Video case study example 

50:55 – Determination if case meets definition of human trafficking

53:09 – Common pitfalls and misconceptions 


56:19 – I have worked with a few people that have limited English and feel offended if you offer an interpreter, and worked with clients who feel uncomfortable with interpreters from their communities. How can audience members handle those situations?

Review the Event Takeaways Sheet here.

Topic(s): Learning Basics, Service Delivery
Resource Type: Event Recording
Date: January 3, 2022