Labor Trafficking Outreach Fundamentals

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Presenters Micaela Cayton and Marina Burka give service providers an introduction to conducting labor trafficking outreach. In this first half of a two-hour event, participants gained a grounded understanding of labor trafficking outreach, practical knowledge to design and implement outreach programming, and awareness of staff and survivor safety considerations.

00:41 – Introduction of Framework
03:19 – Intro of Mica and Marina
08:04 – Basic understanding of outreach
12:04 – Examples of passive (indirect) and active (direct) outreach
14:45 – Pros and Cons of passive and active outreach
16:57 – Designing and implementing outreach programming
19:23 – Determining outreach targets
23:06 – How to begin implementing outreach
25:15 – Considerations for performing outreach
28:23 – Legal considerations around outreach
30:09 – Outreach strategies
34:30 – Conducting outreach during COVID-19
35:37 – Main considerations for choosing an effective outreach strategy
36:00 – Building strategic partnerships
40:36 – Language and imagery
44:22 – What existing protocols are available when performing outreach outside of COVID?
47:55 – Where can you find existing data regarding prosecution of domestic worker employers?
51:50 – Do you see a lot of intersectionality between labor and sex trafficking? If so, what are some best practices?
55:20 – Can you give an example of a conversation you had with someone where you were able to engage them in services?

Topic(s): Outreach
Resource Type: Event Recording
Date: January 6, 2021