Labor Trafficking of U.S. Minors

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In this 1-hour video, you’ll gain insight into labor trafficking of U.S. minors. Understand the populations most impacted, vulnerabilities, and trends among trafficker techniques and industries. This training is tailored to current anti-trafficking service providers seeking to learn the nuances of labor trafficking of U.S. minors. This webinar will not provide knowledge of human trafficking basic principles, definitions, elements, or in-depth best practices to client service delivery.

This event featured Laura Murphy, renowned researcher and professor of Human Rights and Contemporary Slavery at the Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice at Sheffield Hallam University.

Be sure to watch the recording from our follow-up event, Labor Trafficking of U.S. Minors: Increasing Identification Through Outreach.

00:01​ – Introduction of Framework
02:16​ – Introduction of Laura Murphy
04:48​ – Learning objectives for this event
06:00​ – Purpose for training specific to U.S. minors
06:33​ – Federal definition of trafficking
08:27​ – Force, fraud, and coercion for U.S. minors
11:45​ – Industries where U.S. minors might experience labor trafficking
20:03​ – Vulnerabilities for U.S. minors
23:40​ – U.S. born populations at-risk for labor trafficking
24:34​ – Who are the traffickers?
25:38​ – Driving force behind labor trafficking: the need for a job
26:31​ – Example of labor trafficking in U.S. minors: compelled drug dealing
33:32​ – Example of labor trafficking in U.S. minors: traveling sales crews
34:15​ – Case study video
37:14​ – Case study video practice: What were signs of force, fraud, or coercion?
42:02​ – Case study video practice: What were some areas of vulnerability?
44:48​ – Case study video practice: What would you do to assist Jason?
49:03​ – Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for labor trafficking identification screening tools for minors?
53:15​ – Do you find, in general, any resistance from youth when talking to them about labor trafficking?

Topic(s): Learning Basics, Minors, U.S. Citizens
Resource Type: Event Recording
Date: March 12, 2021
Language(s): English
Author(s): Framework