Labor Trafficking of U.S. Minors: Increasing Identification Through Outreach

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In this 90 minute video, you’ll gain insight into conducting outreach to U.S. born minors at risk for labor trafficking. This training is tailored for anti-trafficking service providers with limited knowledge and experience conducting outreach to U.S. born youth at risk for labor trafficking. This training may also benefit staff from more seasoned outreach programs by providing insight into the latest resources and recommendations for this population. This video will not provide knowledge of human trafficking basic principles, definitions, elements, or in-depth best practices to client service delivery.

This event featured Laura Murphy, renowned researcher and professor of Human Rights and Contemporary Slavery at the Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice at Sheffield Hallam University.

00:05​ – Introduction of Laura Murphy
01:16​ – Learning objectives
02:25​ – Publications from Dr. Murphy about labor trafficking of U.S. minors
05:20​ – Federal definition of trafficking
07:07​ – Video about labor trafficking of U.S. minors based on findings from study of youth in Covenant House locations around the United States and Canada
12:00​ – Data from findings on human trafficking prevalence rates among 641 participants
14:00​ – Vulnerabilities for U.S. minors
17:52​ – Sites of labor trafficking for U.S. minors
23:25​ – Promises of fast money
27:15​ – Where recruiters target youth
29:44​ – Video: Vulnerabilities outreach
34:30​ – Video: Referrals/system outreach
39:15​ – Video: Job search outreach
44:17​ – Access points and partnerships
45:00​ – Representing “human trafficking” – sensationalized imagery can reduce effectiveness of outreach materials to youth
47:19​ – Example of ineffective outreach material from DOL
48:42​ – Example of effective outreach material for U.S. minors, with pros and cons
52:37​ – Case study video: Outreach to labor trafficking survivors in drug sales
53:50​ – Case study activity: What were some points where Sam could have accessed outreach?
59:42​ – How can individuals who are not part of an agency or organization get involved in anti-trafficking efforts?
01:04:23​ – Are you aware of existing prevention materials that includes labor rights issues with youth?
01:07:54​ – Do you have any outreach material that targets youth directly, such as a business card or something for social media? Are cards, flyers, or another form of outreach most effective for this population?
01:12:07​ – How do we do this work with a trauma-informed approach?
01:19:31​ – Are there any additional questions that service providers should be asking youth during intake or screening processes?
01:23:40​ – Why focus outreach efforts on this population?

Topic(s): Minors, Outreach, U.S. Citizens
Resource Type: Event Recording
Date: March 12, 2021