Labor Trafficking of Agricultural Workers: Increasing Identification Through Outreach

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In this event, participants gained insight into conducting outreach to individuals at risk for labor trafficking in the agricultural industry, including recommendations for material formation, access points, and strategic partnerships.

00:16​ – Introduction of Framework
03:19​ – Intro of Stephanie and Gonzalo
04:33​ – Learning objectives for event
05:57​ – Introduction to agricultural work in the U.S.
11:22​ – Identifying survivors
14:25​ – A rights-based approach to outreach
18:48​ – Forming partnerships to expand your reach
23:06​ – How to build these partnerships
29:15​ – Strategies for effective outreach materials
31:19​ – Examples of outreach materials
39:14​ – Access points
44:20​ – Stephanie’s approach to outreach
46:03​ – Gonzalo on measuring successful outreach
49:06​ – Any security/privacy/confidentiality concerns with using an online self-identification tool, and how to best implement it?
51:16​ – How can you find out where employees live and how do you keep your staff safe during visits to these sites?
53:02​ – Can you speak on how to partner with organizations and agencies that are led or informed by worker input?
55:16​ – How do you approach outreach to farmworkers during COVID-19?

Topic(s): Industry Specific, Outreach
Resource Type: Event Recording
Date: February 17, 2021