Identifying Vulnerabilities – Jared’s Story

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This is the recruitment experience of Jared. In this case study, a trusted family member exploits his mentorship position and Jared’s need for stability and belonging. Use this case study activity to practice naming possible vulnerabilities to human trafficking recruitment. Increasing awareness of these vulnerabilities helps providers better identify and serve labor trafficking—including by empowering clients with information to protect themselves against exploitation.

What vulnerabilities were present in this story?

  • History of frequently moving and household instability
  • Shifting and undependable role models • Possible perception of burdensomeness
  • Lack of community; feeling othered
  • Potential need for purpose or feelings of accomplishment
  • Witnessing dependent and potentially coercive relationships
  • Lack of support systems
  • Unhealthy familial relationships and emotionally abusive environments
  • Strong need to take care of himself and his mother


  • Labor trafficking is illegal even in unlawful industries like selling or moving stolen merchandise or illicit items
  • Each state has restrictions on the type and amount of work minors can do
  • Each state has age requirements for different jobs
  • Traffickers manipulate positions of power and can be friends or family members

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Topic(s): Learning Basics, Survivor Experiences
Resource Type: Educational Video
Date: October 16, 2020
Language(s): English
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