Identifying Labor Trafficking in the Restaurant Industry – Jin’s Story

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This is the recruitment and labor trafficking experience of Jin. In this case study, a young woman is exploited in the restaurant industry. Use this case study activity to practice naming possible vulnerabilities, red flags, and education opportunities. Increasing awareness of these areas helps providers better identify and serve labor trafficking—including by empowering clients with information to protect themselves against exploitation.

Where were outreach opportunity areas?

• Recruiter in Jin’s home country

• The airport in my home country and U.S.

• Increase awareness in the community so restaurant-goers would identify suspicious practices

• Increase employee rights knowledge and reporting opportunities

• Offer country regulated “Know Your Rights” training upon hiring

• Ensure that employers know their limitations and responsibilities

• Bus stops and transportation hubs


What were red flags of labor trafficking in this story?

• High cost of employer connection and travel documents

• Promise of high wage

• Work and slept in the restaurant

• Not allowed to go outside

• Working endless hours multiple days a week

• Threats of deportation

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Topic(s): Foreign Nationals, Industry Specific, Learning Basics, Service Delivery
Resource Type: Educational Video
Date: July 21, 2021
Language(s): English
Author(s): Framework