Facilitator Guide – Labor Trafficking 101 with a Focus on Minors

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This ‘Labor Trafficking 101: Know the Essentials’ Facilitator Guide serves as an instructional companion to the customizable ‘Labor Trafficking 101: Know the Essentials’ Trainer Slide Deck and is meant to enhance audience members’ awareness of labor trafficking of minors and provide special attention to immigrant communities, forcibly displaced youth, and unaccompanied children.

The goal of this training is to build service provider capacity to identify potential signs of labor trafficking, to teach providers to compassionately engage potential survivors, and to understand basic survivor needs. This training can be used as a part of staff onboarding; to introduce task force, community members, or other stakeholders to the issue of labor trafficking; or as a stand-alone conference presentation or training.

Facilitators of this training are likely to be service providers working with populations at a higher risk of labor trafficking. This includes immigrants, refugees and unaccompanied children, mental health workers, or staff serving trafficking survivors. To effectively deliver this training, facilitators should complete the “train the trainer” style “Labor Trafficking 101: Know the Essentials” beforehand. Facilitators could also become familiar with the one-page child and youth-facing “Am I in A Dangerous Working Situation?” information sheet.

These client and provider facing resources to help combat child labor trafficking and for staff wanting to raise awareness about labor trafficking and child labor trafficking within their community were created by Framework and the IRC Center for Adjustment, Resilience, and Recovery (CARRE).

Topic(s): Client Rights, Foreign Nationals, Helpful Data, Learning Basics, Minors, Service Delivery, Survivor Experiences, U.S. Citizens
Resource Type: Guide or Tip Sheet
Date: April 18, 2024
Language(s): English
Author(s): Framework