Creating Labor Trafficking Outreach Materials

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In this training, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge to support the design of labor trafficking outreach campaigns and creation of tailored and trauma-informed outreach materials that mitigate fears and encourage survivors to connect with services.

This event featured Bella Hounakey, a survivor consultant with Framework who has served as an advocate, organizer, and speaker on anti-trafficking programs and policies since 2011. Since 2015, she has worked with and supported the most vulnerable trafficking victims in the foster care system. Bella is currently a member of the U.S Advisory Council of Human Trafficking.

00:32 – Introduction of Bella Hounakey

01:31 – Learning Objectives

02:47 – Project TRUST Human Trafficking Outreach Toolkit

06:28 – Discussion of early Look Beneath the Surface flyer

09:15 – Evolution of the Look Beneath the Surface Campaign from the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA): lessons learned and elements to improve on

12:35 – Discussion of improved Look Beneath the Surface flyer

19:25 – Outreach findings from the domestic violence field

24:25 – Interactive: Audience lessons learned on outreach best practices

27:08 – REACH model from Project TRUST’s Human Trafficking Outreach Toolkit

27:42 – REACH model: Reason

29:03 – REACH model: Engage

31:25 – Using empowering language in outreach materials

34:08 – REACH model: Appeal

35:53 – REACH model: Cater

37:25 – REACH model: Cater example

39:22 – Medium considerations for outreach materials

43:56 – Outreach material example: ¿Eres Tú? Handout from MOSAIC Family Services

46:21 – REACH model: Hold

47:35 – How to engage with survivors to create outreach materials

49:15 – Evaluating your campaign and measuring success


54:45 – Can you give examples of what a “shock experience” in campaign materials may look like?

Topic(s): Learning Basics, Outreach, Survivor Experiences
Resource Type: Event Recording
Date: June 7, 2021