Restaurant Workers: Increasing Identification Through Outreach

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In this 1-hour video, you’ll gain insight into conducting direct and indirect outreach to individuals experiencing or at risk for labor trafficking in the restaurant industry.

This event featured Hediana Utarti of the Asian Women’s Shelter based out of San Francisco.

00:07​ – Introduction of Hediana Utarti
01:28​ – Learning Objectives
02:25​ – Restaurant industry 2020 facts
04:17​ – Common types of work in the restaurant industry
05:00​ – General working conditions in the restaurant sector that can put workers at risk
06:26​ – Survivor stories
08:01​ – Trafficking indicators in this industry
10:45​ – Access points to reach this population – restaurant workers
13:42​ – Live Activity: How do you empower other workers to report?
17:45​ – Access points to reach this population – other industry workers
18:25​ – Access points to reach this population – surrounding community
19:24​ – How to connect with these access points
20:21​ – Quote from survivor
21:00​ – Additional partners
25:53​ – Example of outreach material – Health and Safety at Work flyer
28:38​ – Example of outreach material – Workshop on Work Safety for seniors
29:17​ – Tips from survivors on conducting outreach
30:56​ – Case Study Video: Survivors in the Restaurant Industry
32:07​ – Live Activity: Where could outreach have been placed to reach Jin?
39:58​ – Creating outreach materials
40:45​ – Outreach material example: palm cards
42:06​ – Outreach material example: social media posts
42:42​ – Outreach material example: billboards
43:38​ – Thank you and acknowledgement

44:30​ – Do you have any alternatives to written materials for folks who cannot read English or their native language?
47:25​ – Are you considered about your organization’s number getting into the wrong hands if it is used on palm cards or other materials?
47:47​ – How do I go about doing direct outreach without appearing as a “white savior?”
52:23​ – What if someone is not necessarily forced to work, but they still receive low pay- can they report that?
54:40​ – If I do not speak a certain language, should I still hand out materials in that language?

Topic(s): Industry Specific, Outreach
Resource Type: Event Recording
Date: April 12, 2021