How the History of Slavery Might Cause us to Miss Black Americans

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Clip is of Evelyn Chumbow speaking on the history of slavery and how it might cause us to miss Black Americans.

Clip is from the February 28th, 2022 panel event in honor of Black History Month. Facilitator and speaker Bella Hounakey led a discussion with Evelyn Chumbow, James Dold, Kwami Adoboe-Herrera, and Moninda Marube on why the voices of Black survivors of trafficking are needed, the barriers they continue to face as they engage in advocacy, and recommendations on ways that the anti-trafficking movement can engage them in a dignifying way. You can view the full event recording here.

Topic(s): Foreign Nationals, Survivor Experiences
Resource Type: Survivor Soundbite
Date: February 21, 2024
Language(s): English
Author(s): Framework